Rescuers Save a Dog Who was in Terrible Condition

A dog was found by rescuers curled at the side of a highway, watching the cars pass by hoping that someone would stop and help him.

Ernest, the dog was rescued along a busy highway and is in great danger. Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited found about Ernest’s condition and they immediately rescued them.  When they arrived, poor Ernest was curled up at the side of the road looking so scared.

Photo: The Dodo

As the rescuers got closer, they noticed that Ernest’s ear was infected and they knew that they need to do things immediately to give him the medical attention needed.

Ernest was a bit tensed that he attempted to run but when he saw that his rescuers had some food. He accepted the snacks that his rescuers offered him and immediately gave in. When the rescuers felt that he was more relaxed, they slipped a blanket over him and carried him over to their truck.

Photo: The Dodo

At the Animal Aid Unlimited Hospital, they examined, cleaned, and treated Ernest’s wounded ear that is severely infected. He was in such bad shape and they thought that he wouldn’t last more than a few days if he wasn’t rescued.

Photo: The Dodo

After weeks of treatment and rest, Ernest who once looked so exhausted and in so much pain was finally fully healed and he was happy that his rescuers took him in during his most desperate times. Before, he was so scared when his rescuers first saw him but now, they are inseparable. He loves to give them lots of kisses and cuddles as his way to show that he really appreciates the things his rescuers did for him.