Resourceful Student Uses His Slippers as Eraser Because He’s Too Poor to Buy One

Priorities are much different for poor families who have to send their kids to school as compared with those who can afford to buy school supplies; thus, while Grade 2 pupil Harold Labutong does have a uniform and gets to wear a pair of slippers to school, he does not enough school supplies to cover everything that he needed.

Still, the young boy did not lose hope and stop school over such trivial matters. So, when he made a mistake and had to erase it, he borrowed an eraser from a classmate. This classmate lent him an eraser made from an old pair of slippers but when this did not work as Harold wanted, he used his own pair of slippers instead!

Photo credit: Rosalie Dela Cruz / Facebook
Photo credit: Rosalie Dela Cruz / Facebook

According to Harold’s teacher at the Engracio M. Castañeda Central Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac in the Philippines, the boy’s solution actually worked because he was able to neatly remove the mistake even with just his slippers as eraser!

A snapshot of the boy’s resourceful actions was shared on social media by teacher Rosalie Dela Cruz where it had since gone viral. The boy was featured on SAKSI by GMA News and Public Affairs.

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