Restaurant “Fires” Customer for Rude Rant against Employee with Autism

When the delivery guy from Little Italy Restaurante in Anchorage, Alaska brought the wrong order, a customer got so angry that he used rude names on the guy and accused him of using ***** while working.

Although the delivery guy quickly went back to his car to retrieve the customer’s correct order, the latter was so irked with receiving the wrong order that he not only berated the restaurant employee some more, he also called the management to report the incident.

Restaurant owner P.J. Gialopsos said her daughter, Emily, was the one who fielded the customer’s call. Emily apologized for the order mix-up and explained that the delivery guy is not using ***** on the job but actually has autism and a speech impediment.

The customer, however, refused to listen to Emily’s explanation and continued to rudely call the delivery guy names which the restaurant owner refused to repeat on her now viral post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

For insulting a hard-working, dedicated employee, this rude customer got “fired” from Little Italy Restaurante. Gialopsos gave orders for all staff to take note of this rude customer’s number and addresses so they can refuse all his future orders. She also praised the employee, “He is a seriously accomplished University student, has an amazingly inquisitive personality, a wicked sense of humor and one helluva work ethic!

Read Gialopsos’ “rant” about the incident here:

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Posted by Little Italy Restaurante on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Featured image credit: Facebook/ Little Italy Restaurante