Restaurant Owner’s Response to Customer Who Complained About Employee with Down Syndrome Goes Viral

While dining at Ankar’s Hoagies in Chattanooga, Tennessee (US), a customer noticed that the person preparing the food in the kitchen clearly appears to have Down syndrome. Instead of speaking with the restaurant’s manager to clarify the ‘incident’, this customer went to the health department to file a complaint; thus, a health inspector arrived at the restaurant to check on the complaint.

But the employee with Down syndrome was not just a simple employee of the restaurant but actually the manager and its co-owner! Andrew Ankar, born with Down syndrome, had long been serving the restaurant and had taken the helm when his father died.

Andrew with friend, Chris McNelly Photo credit: Ankar's Hoagies / Facebook
Andrew with friend, Chris McNelly
Photo credit: Ankar’s Hoagies / Facebook

Angered over the customer’s complaint, Andrew’s brother Alex shared the story on Facebook. The story has since gone viral, with lots of people praising Andrew for his hard work and dedication in the restaurant despite having a disability that has kept a lot of people from finding work, let alone become a manager of a business facility!

Read Alex’s touching post here:

Ever since my dad passed away, my little bro has been working day in and day out at Ankar’s Hoagies to ensure that my…

Posted by Alex Ankar on Thursday, May 5, 2016