Restaurant Staff Refused to Serve Dirty Man, Then He Comes Back in a Ferrari

How much are we judged based on our outward appearances? There is discrimination everywhere, even if no one wants to admit it. We really are judged by how we look, by what we wear.

It is a sad reality that people face; though there are some people who can get away with looking drab – because they are well-known personalities in various fields already, so their appearances do not matter to the public anymore.

Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin
Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin

Now, can you imagine what would happen if a homeless guy [or a guy looking dirty and carrying a cart] went to a fancy restaurant for a bite? Do you think he would be refused?

Based on the video below [and on some personal experiences], the servers would often refuse to even let that person inside the restaurant. This is, perhaps, in fear of what the “regular” clientele would think and because it drives prospective customers away; the obnoxious ones, anyway.

Watch the video to check out the restaurant staff’s reaction after the man they refused to serve comes back in a Ferrari!