Retired Old Lady Chooses to Live in a Cruise Ship… And It’s Actually Cheaper!

Everyone knows that going on a cruise is quite expensive – or is it, really?

Cruise ships can be expensive; this is the reason why not too many people choose to go on vacation in a cruise ship although it still is a popular option for some people, of course.

Now, there’s this touching story about an old woman who chose to live in a cruise ship after retirement. Amazingly, while many thought that doing so can be quite expensive, the woman is actually getting things cheaper – than if she was living in a nursing home!


Moreover, she enjoys life better at the cruise ship and gets to have fun every single day, meeting new friends every few weeks, and enjoys better service there.

Of course, it is sad why she had to live in the cruise ship by herself but we don’t really know the circumstances why she lives alone; thus, we can’t blame her family. It just seems good that she has this other alternative to living the rest of her days while having fun!

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Posted by Positive Energy+ on Saturday, October 15, 2016

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