Retired Police Dog Saves Family’s Young Children from House Fire, Suffers Burns and Smoke Inhalation

Once a police dog, always a police dog! That’s the motto that Maxx, a retired police dog, seems to carry – for the German shepherd saved the young children of his human family from a fire that broke out inside their home.

According to Chip Dover and his son Andrew of Seminole County, Florida, they were just using their telescope along with another neighbor Joe Jordan when they heard an explosion rock the house of their neighbor, Sheriff’s Department Investigator Margo Feaser and her husband Brent.

Joe called 911 while Chip and Andrew rushed to the burning house to try and save the family before the firefighters arrived. Using furniture from the porch, the two were able to knock out a window and save Margo but Brent and the couple’s two young children were still trapped inside.

Photo credit: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

In great distress, Margo wanted to run back to the house but was held by her neighbors as it was too risky to get inside without proper equipment since the entire area is covered in thick, black smoke.

The firefighters experienced difficulty in finding the trapped people inside but the family’s dog Maxx, who happens to be retired police dog, rushes inside and swiftly made way to the children’s bedrooms. Thanks to Maxx’s barks and warning to the firefighters, they were able to rescue the 4-year-old boy on and 2-year-old girl.

Photo credit: Heroes Daily

A short while later, daddy Brent was also saved.

While the family’s home was completely destroyed in the blaze, they were grateful that all of them survived; although they had to spend weeks at the hospital in serious and critical condition due to the burns they suffered as well as smoke inhalation.

Maxx also suffered from smoke inhalation and burns – but everyone knows he’s a hero!

Photo credit: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children – Seminole County Sheriff

Thankfully, everyone was able to pull through, even Maxx, and are now in good condition. The couple feels eternally grateful to Maxx for saving their children…

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