Reviewer Drops iPhone 6 in Boiling Coca Cola! Craziest Tech Review Ever?

Tech reviewers are trying to outdo each in the craziest ways to review gadgets so they get more views, raising them above the others.

Now, a tech reviewer who goes by the handle TechRax on YouTube has just raised the bar in gadget review – though I could not make up my mind whether to call him brilliant or crazy. Some people are even calling his review as the dumbest tech review ever!

Not only was the reviewer banking on the crazy reviews about the iPhone 6 on YouTube but also incorporated a bottle of Coca Cola in the process. It is common knowledge that many Coca Cola videos proliferate on the web, to create or debunk myths – whichever the reviewer wants to present.

In this crazy review, TechRax boiled the softdrink, then immersed the iPhone 6 in the boiling liquid. Never ever try this at home! The reviewer was actually quite lucky the battery did not explode.

Watch the review here: