WATCH: Rising ‘Jellyfish’ Cloud Amazes Netizens, Sparks Debates over its Origin and Meaning

There are many different types of clouds – and we are quickly learning that these types go beyond the usual cumulous, nimbus, and cirrus we had learned in school. For instance, there are rolling clouds called ‘Morning Glory’ and rainbow clouds – and it turns out there are also ‘jellyfish’ clouds!

A video that has gone viral on Facebook page Enigmas y Misterios del mundo shows what appears to be a strange cloud that breaks away from a much larger cloud before rising up to higher altitudes and becoming more defined, with a dark ring forming while a wispy shroud continues to make this look like a real jellyfish.

Of course, this couldn’t be a jellyfish as this is high up in the sky but it is so incredible that someone was able to take a video of this cloud forming and floating away!

Screenshot from video by Enigmas y Misterios del mundo / Facebook

The video was captioned, “Does anyone have a logical explanation for this?” and this sparked a debate, foremost with people arguing that this could be fake while there were those who believe this was a cloud or plume from a volcanic eruption.

Others believe that this cloud had a more spiritual meaning and might be signaling the ‘end of days’ but many don’t believe that’s the case, however, and said this was just a natural phenomenon that rarely appears.

What do you think?

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