Robbers Try to Mug a Phone Store Using Plastic Gun

A mobile phone store robbery in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia was successfully halted after the shop owner discovered that the two robbers were using a toy gun.

The owner, identified only as Tan, said that he was already suspicious of the two men, as soon as they entered his store.

According to him, one of the men asked him if he was alone in the shop while the other man pretended to sell him his mobile phone. Apparently, the two men were babbling and that is how he knew that something was wrong.

One of the men went out of the shop and returned with a gun, declaring the robbery.

Screengrab from the video courtesy of Oriental Daily News Malaysia

However, the shop owner noticed that the gun was too new and too delicate, almost looking like an airsoft or a toy gun. It also sounded like a plastic gun when the robber pulled the slide, instead of a metal gun.

Sensing that the gun was fake, Tan went to the back of his shop and returned charging a machete to the robbers who immediately ran out of the store.

Tan has been running the mobile phone shop for 3 years now and this was the first time that he encountered a robbery. He was confident, though, that the police will take appropriate actions to arrest the robbers.

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