Roommates Find $40,000 in the Couch They Bought for Just $20!

Three college roommates went to a thrift store to buy a couch. They found one and only paid $20 for it. They were disappointed at first because the couch seemed too lumpy and was not comfortable but considering they only paid a measly sum for it, they learned to cope.

After a few months, however, they decided that something was really wrong with the sofa; so, they decided to investigate by opening the zippers and cutting through some material to check what was inside their lumpy sofa.

Much to their surprise, they found envelopes filled with money! They freaked out at first, with one of them screaming, “Close the door!” in utter surprise over their find. They continued to dig inside their couch and found a total of $40,000 in cold cash.

What would you do if you were in their shoes? Well, I just might go on a shopping spree! These young adults might have also done that, perhaps, but they found a deposit slip bearing a woman’s name in one of the envelopes. They decided to find her – and they did!

The 91-year-old owner cried when she got back the money and rewarded the students handsomely. It turns out this woman was very sick so her kids donated her belongings to the thrift shop, not knowing she had hidden lots of money in the couch!

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