Rude Customer Mocks This Bagger for Being “Too Slow”…The Cashier’s Response Will Have You Cheering

Millions of people across the globe were born with some form of disability yet many of them have learned to overcome this obstacle to live a normal life. Many are even lucky to be accepted by society and are allowed to work regular jobs despite their disabilities.

For example, there is this grocery store which employs a guy with some form of mental disability. This charming guy may not be the fastest bagger in town yet he is careful with the groceries and makes sure everyone feels good while shopping.

Just like many of those who work his job, he would often assist customers with their purchases but there are kind ones who let him get back to doing his job and simply carry their groceries by themselves.

This bagger might be slow yet he has a golden heart and is quite dedicated to his job.

Unfortunately, there are people who judge him by his appearance and the fact that he bags the groceries in a much slower rate than the other baggers. The story we share below was taken from newslinq. It tells of an incident at the grocery store which actually had me cheering!

Check this out and tell us whether you think the cashier did the right thing…


Photo credit: newslinq/SuperStar Lifestyle
Photo credit: newslinq/SuperStar Lifestyle


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