Russian Fashion Blogger Breaks Rules with Her Own Take of Eyebrows on Fleek

Anzhelika Protodyakonova became popular 7 years ago while riding on a bus in Yakutsk, Russia’s Sakha Republic, wearing her unusually large eyebrows. One passenger took the liberty of taking her photo and posted it online.

With her unusual taste in fixing her eyebrows, she immediately went viral and was dubbed as “Bushy Angie”.

Image from Oddity Central

The fashion blogger who was once embarrassed when her photo circulated online eventually accepted and embraced her newly-found popularity and now, making a living out of it.

She started posting video tutorials so people fascinated by her bizarre looks could re-create the look. She then made her eyebrows larger where it came to a point that it occupied her entire forehead. Her eyebrows just made her famous as the years went by and opened doors for her to be invited to several television shows. Thank you, eyebrows!

Some sources claim that her huge eyebrows were inspired by the hit mobile game, Angry Birds.

Image from Oddity Central

She currently has over 90,000 followers on Instagram and posts new photos of her eyebrows regularly, advertising different beauty and health products on her social media platforms.

We all have different eyebrow goals. Anzhelika’s take on eyebrows on fleek is different but she remains confident with her looks and doesn’t mind what other people were saying so I guess there’s no problem with that, right?

May Anzhelika serve as a reminder that you should continue what makes you happy even if some people might not approve of you. You go, girl!

Source: Oddity Central