School in India Teaches Every Students to Write with Both Hands

Veena Vandini School is a school located in Madhya Pradesh, India whose founder, former soldier VP Sharma, started trying to make his students become ambidextrous. According to Oddity Central, he was inspired to do this after he read in a magazine that Dr. Rajendra Prasad India’s first president used to write with both hands.

“We began training students from standard I and by the time they reach standard III, they were comfortable writing with both the hands, students of standard VII and VIII can write with speed and accuracy. Further, they can write two scripts simultaneously, one with each hand. Students also know several languages, including Urdu,” Sharma said.

Photo: Mirror

With Sharma’s dedication and student’s cooperation, all of the 300 students in Veena Vandini School are ambidextrous. In fact, some have the capability to write with both hands at the same time – in different languages.

At the school, there are 45-minute lessons featuring 15 minutes devoted to handwriting practice to make sure the students have the skill and also to help them learn new languages. The students usually practice writing the same words in different languages using both of their hands at the same time. This will also help sthem improve their concentration and the ability to retain knowledge.

Photo: Oddity Central

The school was founded in 1999. Mr. Sharma claims that their dedication to handwriting led South Korean researchers to visit and study the students 2 years ago to find more information about ambidexterity. However, there is no currently study, research or story published online.