Scientists Discover Seaweed that Tastes Like Bacon but Twice as Healthy as Kale!

If you are asked to choose between bacon and seaweed, which one will you pick? Bacon, of course! Perhaps about 90% of the population will choose bacon over seaweed despite the fact that bacon is often categorized as an unhealthy food packed with calories while seaweed is obviously the healthy option – after all, bacon tastes so much better than seaweed!

But what if there’s seaweed that tastes like bacon but is twice as healthy as kale? Would you choose it now over bacon? I certainly would!

Well, the future is actually here because scientists have discovered a seaweed strain that tastes like bacon when fried but does not lose its health benefits and is, in fact, twice as healthy as kale!

Oregon State researcher Chris Langdon revealed that his team worked on the seaweed strain while trying to find an alternative food for abalone or edible sea snails, a popular food in Asia. It was his colleague Chuck Toombs who actually pointed out the potential of this red algae as an alternative for bacon.

The team is yet to study whether it was feasible to grow this red algae in large quantities to replace bacon available in the market. It is highly likely, however, that this food will mostly appeal to vegetarians while meat-lovers would still choose real bacon over bacon-like seaweed.

What do you think?

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