Selfless act: Teen gives away sanitation packs for the homeless

  • A teenage girl decided to start her own campaign to help the homeless receive sanitation kits that will protect them against COVID-19
  • With the help of her school mates, Shaivi Shah already gave out 250 sanitation kits to the needy in California
  • She has also started a Go Fund Me page so she can reach as many people as possible

A 15-year-old girl is spearheading a campaign that aims to give sanitation kits to homeless people; a move that might save them from the dreaded COVID-19.

Image via Go Fund Me

Shaivi Shah, a sophomore at Tesoro High School, together with her fellow honor society schoolmates gave out 250 sanitation kits to the most in need in Los Angeles, California.

The kit contains hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial soap, and handmade reusable face masks, according to Good News Network.

Shah said she was inspired to do this when Gov. Gavin Newsom talked about the reality of homelessness.

“They do not have necessities right now that are crucial to remain clean and stay germ-free. It is important for people to step in and just do whatever they can, even if it helps just one person,” she told CNN.

Image via Go Fund Me

She has also started a Go Fund Me page so she can offer assistance to more people who are vulnerable to COVID-19. “Because of its rapid growth, some of the people that are most vulnerable to this virus are the homeless community due to the lack of sanitation, money, and proper supplies.”

As of posting, the student has been able to raise $15,850 out of their goal of $20,000.

“I have contacted homeless shelters to which I will be donating these kits to. I would love if you could help me support the homeless community by helping me raise money so that I can make more of these kits,” her Go Fund Me page says.

Here’s the link to the page:

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