Seller Fools Two Singaporean Women Who Bought 9 ‘Holy Water’ Bottles to Cure Bad Luck

We all hate bad luck and a lot of us do whatever it takes to get rid of this. While many people wear lucky charms and pray to the heavenly gods, these two Singaporean women were actually conned by a man who sold them bottles of what he called ‘holy water’ that would cure their bad luck and solve all their problems.

Ms. Yang, 30, regrets not thinking twice before spending a total amount of $1,080 on nine small bottles of water to turn their bad luck around.

Image: Oddity Central

One day, an Indonesian peddler told Ms. Yang’s sister that he had the cure to all of their problems. Admitting that she and her husband are  jobless and currently financially depending on her sister and her two children living with foster families, they immediately believed in the man’s claims.

She remembers seeing the man hanging around her building selling all kinds of goods and her sister was one of his regular customers; so, when this seller offered them ‘holy water’ and claimed that it would turn all their family’s bad luck around, Yang’s sister believed the seller immediately and bought nine bottles for a total amount of $1,080.

The water seemed to be normal drinking water inside a plain plastic bottle but they didn’t notice it at first.

“I don’t know why, but I too was taken in by him. I thought of my two children, and hoped to use the power of the ‘holy water’ so they could return home,” Yang said in an interview.

The seller, who claims to be a spiritual consultant, instructed them to sip a spoonful of the water every day and pour the rest of it over themselves and they did; however, they noticed that the holy water doesn’t seem to affect their situation. They realized that they made a huge mistake.

So, Ms. Yang called the seller and complained that the holy water didn’t have any effect on them and they asked for a refund but the seller insisted that they should just buy more.

She threatened the seller that she will report the incident to the police and the man taunted her to do it. The latter even said that he will curse her children if she didn’t pay him more money. She then called the police and reported what happened.

“My life did not turn around after drinking the ‘holy water’. I have called the police and I hope to publicize the matter so as to encourage others to be more careful,” she said.

Well, success and good life require lots of effort and hard work. There are no shortcuts to having a good life.