Shackled and Handcuffed, These Inmates Break Out of Jail to Save Guard having a Heart Attack! Faith in Humanity Restored…

They may be criminals but they showed to the world that they also have hearts – this after they risked their own lives by breaking out of their holding cell to save a guard having a heart attack.

The incident happened in Parker County, Texas. The inmates were placed in a holding cell where they waited for their turn in the courthouse. With all the inmates shackled and handcuffed, they were no threat at all to the lone guard.

As can be seen in the CCTV footage of the incident, the lone guard suddenly slumps towards the ground in an apparent heart attack. The inmates could have let him die right before their eyes since they were, after all, shackled, handcuffed, and inside a jail cell yet they all worked hard to break out of the holding cell to help him when their shouts for help did not attract the attention of the other guards outside the jail.


Even as they tried helping the guard despite their movement limitations, the move was quite risky because anyone who enters the jail might mistake their actions to a riot – and it would surely seem that they have overpowered the guard! But the inmates were kind-hearted and knew that they could not let this guard die before their eyes.

Thankfully, the confused guards who arrived at the scene did not shoot at the inmates. One quickly corralled them back into the cell while others provided assistance to the officer on the floor who would survive the ordeal.

The inmates were credited for saving the guard’s life, especially because it would have been at least 15 minutes before someone went back to the jail to bring the other inmates to court.

The guard is surely thankful that the inmates were brave enough to risk their own lives and bust out of jail so they could save him!

Source :

Yahoo! News

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