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She Caught Her Husband Cheating So She Writes an Amusing Letter to His Mistress

What would you do if you caught your partner cheating on you? Most of us would be enraged about it, of course, and call it quits because of the betrayal; though there are those who choose to later forgive the cheater for the sake of keeping the family intact and a second chance at love.

There’s this woman named Melanie who caught her husband cheating when she saw bite marks all over his chest. There was no doubt that she was enraged with him and his mistress for the betrayal but she chose not to keep him. Instead, she kicked him out of the house with nothing but what he was wearing and wrote his mistress a letter which she posted on Facebook.

We’re not sure whether the mistress was even a Facebook friend of hers but we think she’s just venting her frustrations in public, never mind if the other woman would actually even get to read it herself. It is probably her way of getting the matter off her chest and taking revenge on her cheating husband.

The scathing letter was amusing, however, as she take shots at husband and actually thanks his mistress for her actions, in a sarcastic way, of course…

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