She Choreographed a Couple’s Flashmob Proposal…and Got the Surprise of a Lifetime

Vartan asked his girlfriend Tania to help him choreograph a flashmob for a surprise wedding proposal. The groom spoke with them, telling them what he wanted to achieve in the flashmob; including choosing the wedding proposal favorite song: Marry Me by Bruno Mars.

What Tania does not know is that the groom was actually a hired actor. The flashmob was actually for her – but she had no idea!

So, on the designated day, she led the dancers to their places while waiting for the couple to arrive. On cue, the hired couple walked right up to the spot where Tania prepared the flashmob proposal.

While the couple was talking with Tania, the music started. She immediately told the woman to turn around and watch the flashmob presentation unfolding before them.

The dance went without hitch. Tania choreographed the flashmob perfectly.

With all the stunts being performed at the front, Tania did not notice Vartan slipping to the back, joining the dancers who were actually in on the surprise. They cleverly hid him with their bodies so that Tania would not notice.

It was only when the music ended and Vartan walked towards her that she realized the proposal was for her, not for the couple she had excitedly told to watch the flashmob dance.

Watch the epic proposal here: