She Cut a Hole in Her Leggings…The Result? Something Awesome!

When a woman cuts a hole in the crotch part of her leggings, a lot of people were laughing and thinking that she was doing something sexy yet they are truly wrong! This post is completely innocent. But what is she doing?

Well, one simple cut turns this pair of leggings into something incredible – it will make the guys go crazy! You’ll love how this woman was able to turn a pair of leggings into a cute crop top like no other. I bet there will be no other woman who would have the same outfit as the one she is wearing!

You are probably thinking now, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Of course, others would say it was a complete waste of leggings as this pair certainly looked new yet this new piece of clothing is one-of-a-kind (for now, anyway, as a lot of girls are sure to do this one at home). Sometimes, in fashion, that’s all that matters.

Check out this leggings-turned-crop-top video here: