She Hasn’t Bathed for 2 Years… And This Extreme Makeover Transformed Her Life Even for Just a Day

Being homeless is something that no one surely wants to happen to themselves and their families yet things happen. Before you know it, you are in the streets and living a dreadful life…

That’s what happened to a woman named Debbie who goes by a “stage name” of “Lynn”. She lives in the parks and streets of Santa Monica, California and calls herself “rentless”, not homeless. Despite her dire situation, she manages to stay funky and funny.

When two guys of YouTube channel OmarGoshTV gave her an extreme makeover and treated her to a fancy dinner, her life was transformed – that may just be for one day but it still was wonderful that the makeover could help her find a job or maybe just make her feel better about herself.

Here’s the video of her special day:

What do you think of Debbie/Lynn and her makeover?