She Hits the Elephant with a Piece of Cloth…Watch its Unexpected Response

At the Elephant Nature Park, caretaker Lek was filmed hitting elephant Faa Mai with a piece of cloth. I was wondering why no one was trying to stop her or why this video did not gain flak from animal rights group – but I got my answer in the seconds that followed.

Lek was not really harming the elephant. In fact, Faa Mai seems to love the swipes of the cloth on its body.

Lek was also singing a lullaby to the elephant. It appears that the swipes were actually pats – perhaps, human-sized pats will go unnoticed on the animal’s thick skin, so Lek used a piece of cloth instead.

What’s truly heartwarming about this video is that Faa Mai enjoys the attention. The elephant soon knelt down and slept on its side.

Watch the heartwarming video of this loving relationship between the elephant and its caretaker.