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She Pranks BF that She’s Pregnant but His Response had Her Crying

In a relationship, even if you are cool with each other and enjoy doing funny pranks, there should be limits as to what you should or should not be doing. For example, there is one prank that you’d better not do if you do not want the heartache similar to what one lady found out too late.

Now, Erik and Domisha are among the couple pranksters of YouTube channel Viral Brothers. They have been together for 3 years. The two often participate in various pranks and social experiments posted on the channel, not just pranking other people but pranking each other as well, just like in the video below.

Domisha bought a positive pregnancy test kit and saved a photo of the ultrasound results of someone she knows. She showed these to Erik with a worried face. At first he kept trying to make her admit she was merely pranking him. After realizing she was serious, he made a shocking revelation that soon had her crying.

But everything is not what it seems. Check out the emotional rollercoaster in the video below: