She was Badly Burned as a Baby… 38 Years Later, She Meets the Nurse Who Saved Her Life

There’s nothing sweeter than the reunion between a woman who was badly burned as a baby and the nurse who saved her life!

Back in 1977 when she was still 3 months old, Amanda Scarpinati got sick; thus, a steam humidifier was placed beneath the couch she was sleeping on so that she could breathe better. This proved to be very dangerous because the little baby managed to roll of the couch, straight unto the boiling liquid on the steam humidifier!

Amanda would spend several weeks at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY, mostly under the care of a nurse whose name the family wasn’t able to take note of. There’s a ray of light to the puzzle of the nurse’s identity in the form of the pictures of her and baby Amanda on the cover of the hospital’s annual report that year.

Although Amanda was bullied because of her looks, her appearance would later change thanks to multiple reconstructive surgeries. Today, you wouldn’t think this stunning young woman was once a scarred burn victim!

Updated: see in the comments for the strongest lead…. These are pictures of me as a baby while I was being treated at…

Posted by Amanda Scarpinati on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It has been 38 years since the accident. Amanda wanted to find the woman who had nursed her back to health. Armed with only a picture of the lady, she posted her search on Facebook. Thanks to social media, she was able to get the nurse’s name: Susan Berger!

It would take a few more days before she was finally able to get in touch with the nurse. Their sweet reunion will bring you to tears…

EMOTIONAL REUNION: Woman badly burned as a baby is reunited with the nurse who cared for her 38 years ago.

Posted by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Wednesday, September 30, 2015