She was Disowned by Her Family for Marrying a Black Guy… But They’re Still Happily Married After 65 Years!

Mary fell in love with a black guy named Jack. She was so in love with him that when he asked for her hand in marriage, she readily said, “Yes!”

But because he was black and she was white (as if skin color really mattered), her family forbade her from marrying Jack. Made to choose between her own family and the man she loved, Mary chose love.

Because she went against her family’s wishes, they disowned her. Without her parents’ blessing, Mary and Jack got married in a simple ceremony.

Photo credit: Facebook / Globe Today
Photo credit: Facebook / Globe Today

Fast forward to 65 years later, the two are still happily married! On their anniversary, their inspiring love story was featured on Globe Today – and it made a lot of hearts melt. Truly, “LOVE will ALWAYS trump hate!”

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