She was pulled over at a traffic stop. There she gets the surprise of her lifetime.

Seventeen-year-old Audra Daniloff has had a rough year because of a rare life-threatening condition. She had been going in and out of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin because of a condition called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, also known as HLH. This condition attacked Audra’s immune system and put her in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for 58 days. She’s been back countless times for treatment.

While she’s recovering, her dad thought she deserved a little surprise and sought help from the police. Audra gets the surprise of her life in a traffic stop—courtesy of her dad! The big surprise wasn’t just the gift, but how it was delivered to her. Could you guess what it is?

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The unsuspecting daughter was surprised when the traffic officer made her stop for a ticket. The officer told her at that time that she was pulled over because she rolled through a stop sign when in reality, it was only a set-up for her surprise. There she gets the surprise that I’m sure definitely made her Christmas.

“I got some good news and some bad news for you, okay?” said the officer. “The bad news, first I am giving you two tickets. But they are not the type of tickets you think. One is a plane ticket to New York. The other is a concert ticket for your favorite band.” 🙂 

Audra has been doing “a lot better” recently, even after a bout of the flu. “There have been some really rough patches in between when I was feeling really sick,” she said. “But other than that, I’ve been really good.” And according to a WITI news interview with Marc, Audra is in recovery and plans to attend college next year.

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