She Wasn’t Drunk or Texting Behind the Wheel but Doing Something Many are Guilty of…

As many as 1.3 million people die and 50 million are injured each year due to road crashes – with an alarming percentage of these accidents caused by people who were drunk or were texting behind the wheel.

But texting is not the only culprit – and many are also guilty of this: browsing the internet or checking posts on social media!

A lot believe that they can multi-task easily, especially if the roads are clear. After all, what’s a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road, anyway? Well, these people are clearly mistaken because just one second of distraction could lead to fatal accidents that could involve a lot of innocent lives!

Take a look at the video below, created and shared by AT&T to remind people to always be mindful of their safety. We agree with their ad tag line: “No post is worth a life. It Can Wait.”

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Faith Tap

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