She’s Just Doing Her Photographer Friend a Favor…But Ends Up Getting Married

Christina was just doing her friend a favor. He was looking for someone willing to pose as a bride in a photoshoot. Since she was already engaged to boyfriend Brian, she readily jumped to the idea because she was excited to don a wedding dress to prepare for her own wedding.

Little did she know that it was no ordinary bridal photoshoot.

They met with the photographer at the giant Christmas tree where the photoshoot began. While Christina was distracted at the photoshoot, Brian’s accomplice went to the other side of the tree to meet with Michael, Christina’s father. He is the one who would spring the surprise on Christina.

After the photoshoot ‘ended’, Christina was asked to go to another side of the tree on the pretext of taking another angle for the shoot. It was there that she met her dad who was bringing the bouquet. What happened next made her cry.

Watch the awesome video here: