She’s Pregnant at 61…And Gave Birth to Daughter’s Son. Incredible!

Can you imagine being pregnant at 61? Well, I certainly couldn’t but this grandma is not an ordinary one. She’s pregnant at 61 with her own daughter’s son! How did that happen?

Well, advances in technology have allowed a lot of things to happen that wouldn’t have happened in the past. This is why one grandmother was able to bring her own grandchild to the world, calling the situation as “babysitting for 9 months”.

The decision did not come easy for this awesome grandma and her daughter. Sara Connell and her husband Bill had been trying hard to conceive naturally, so they can have their own bundle of joy. However, Sara just wasn’t meant to become a mother on her own because she suffered several miscarriages, the most heartbreaking of which was the late-term twins.

When the topic of surrogacy was being considered, they didn’t expect grandma to volunteer…