Shopping Mall in China Offers ‘Boyfriend for Share’ to All Single Women

We all love going to malls because it has everything that we need, from clothes, shoes, bags down to the things that we don’t actually think we needed but a shopping mall in China offers something that no other mall offers yet:  boyfriends!

Located in Haikou, Hainan province, a mall had introduced six ‘shared boyfriends’ available to single ladies from December 24 to 25 according to Asia One.

Image: Asia One

These ‘boyfriends for share’ are aged from 19 to 26, wore suits, and stood in boxes with one transparent side . They are available to any single women from 3 to 9 pm. Women can simply scan their QR codes on the boxes and pay 1 yuan ($0.20) and finally can enjoy the feeling of having a boyfriend for one hour inside the mall.

According to Shi Guoshan the planning manager at the shopping mall, he said that the ‘boyfriends’ were all managers of the mall.

The services offered by the ‘boyfriends’ include carrying their bags, choosing clothes when shopping, and taking pictures; however, no bodily contact is allowed.

Zhuang, one of the ‘boyfriends’ said he took advantage of the change to accompany friends to go shopping. He added that he took a couple’s picture upon customer’s request but they try to avoid body contract because it’s included in the rules.

No doubt that this will become a hit. In fact, five minutes after the event started, all these men were taken away. Amazing! It seems like these women had a merry Christmas after renting the boyfriends…