Sia goes undercover, pays for shoppers’ groceries

  • Ahead of Thanksgiving, Australian singer Sia went undercover and decided to give shoppers of a supermarket a treat
  • Sia introduced herself as Cici and said she wanted to pay it forward because she won the lottery
  • This gesture amazed social media users who sent their gratitude to Sia on Twitter

Australian Singer Sia decided to surprise shoppers not only by ditching her typical wig-covering-the-face look but also by paying for the grocery items of shoppers in Southern California ahead of Thanksgiving.

Image via Sia Instagram

Sia, apparently, introduced herself as Cici and told shoppers that she wanted to pay for their groceries because she just won the lottery. Twitter user Adri Buckles captured Sia’s generosity in a short video clip and shared it on social media.

“So Sia paid for my groceries today thank you so much! The heart and beautiful soul you have for paying for everyone,” she shared. She also apologized for letting others know who she was once she recognized her. “I’m sorry for telling everyone once I realized who you were! But this kindness must be acknowledged!” Buckles shared.

In the video, Sia can be heard asking shoppers “who’s next?” while waving her card. She was also seen receiving a flower from someone who appreciated her kind gesture. Twitter users also sent messages of gratitude to Sia.

“ThanksGIVING and she got it right. We try to pay for the people behind us at Dublin and Starbucks drive throughs. That’s small potatoes to this,” Babayaga said.

Twitter user Ryan, meanwhile, said that he appreciated that Sia did not want to be recognized for the generosity because she did it undercover.

“I love that she did this not for recognition of showing kindness, but just actually being a kind person. She did not want people to know who she was or why she was doing it,” Ryan tweeted.

Click the image to watch the video via Twitter

Source:    Twitter  Fox 8