Simple but Delicious Pinoy Favorites to be Served on Pres. Duterte’s Inauguration

During the campaign period, now President Rodrigo Duterte’s partner, Honeylet Avanceña said that his lifestyle as the highest ranking official of the Philippines won’t be much different than how he lived as mayor of Davao City – and it is actually as frugal as ‘ordinary’ citizens of the country.

Avanceña even declared that they would be so frugal that for Duterte’s inauguration, they will serve Filipino food and her partner’s favorite snack item: ‘pritong saging’ (fried bananas).

Fast forward to many months later – and Duterte is about to sit as President of the Philippines. Would you believe that pritong saging is really on the inauguration menu as Avanceña claimed? It really is amazing to see just how simple this inauguration will be, considering that such an event deserved the best banquet the country can offer to its highest ranking official yet they choose to serve the simplest food!

Photo credit: Facebook/News Pilipino - VOVph
Photo credit: Facebook/News Pilipino – VOVph

Aside from the pritong saging, there will also be monggo soup (monggo is considered as “poor man’s meat”), smoked fish with alugbati, lumpia ubod, Vigan longganisa, and pandesal with kesong puti (white cheese). For drinks, guests to this prestigious ceremony get to enjoy dalandan juice and pine-mango cooler.

Durian tartlet, straight from the president’s hometown, will be part of the dessert spread.

Can you imagine having all these for a party? It’s quite amazing – and a lot of us definitely love these food items! Yet it’s startling that such would be served for the inauguration of the president of the republic!

Kudos to Duterte’s team for this surprising and very Pinoy inauguration menu…