Simple Photo of Three Ladies Goes Viral, Can You Spot What’s Wrong with This Picture?

A photo of three friends has gone viral, putting the internet in a frenzy after some rather observant netizens noticed something wrong with the picture. Can you guess what’s wrong with this photo? We’ll give you the answer later but try to see if you can find the reason why this photo has gone viral:

Photo credit: American Web Media / Alexander Smith

Indeed, the photo looks like an ordinary snapshot of three friends relaxing on some park bench at an undisclosed location. What could go wrong with such a photo? In a world of smartphones and the internet, anyone and everyone can easily post a similar photo.

But if you look closely, you will notice that there really was something wrong in the picture. Hint: it’s something about the bench that the ladies are sitting on. Got it now?

More often than not, we miss things like this because the focus of this picture is on the ladies but if you have eagle eyes or have a keen eye for details, you will notice that the ladies appear to be sitting on nothing! Are they levitating? Or does this park bench have glass seats?

The photo has sparked a frenzy over these questions. But perhaps the ladies found this bottomless park bench and decided to have fun with it by posing as if they were sitting on something but they actually weren’t doing it? Hmmmmm.

What do you think is the answer?