Simple Trip to the Grocery Costs the Life of a 2-Year-Old Boy Who Chokes to ***** on a Few Pieces of Grapes

Parents Emma Caver and Mohammad Umar lost their 2-year-old son, Ayyan Umar, while having their trip to the grocery store.

Ayyan was just sitting in the shopping cart seat as his mother pushed it along while picking up some groceries, when she heard loud choking noises coming from her little one. She turned around and found his face was completely blue.

What happened was that Ayyan grabbed a few pieces of grapes and put them in his mouth; these got stuck in his airways.

Image from US Weekly

According to WXYZ TV, Emma repeatedly tapped his back with full force to get the grapes out but unfortunately failed. There were concerned customers who helped her try reviving her son by giving CPR for five to seven minutes while another customer called 911.

One grape was removed by the paramedics as soon as they arrived; however, Ayyan already stopped breathing and was already ****. Another grape was removed later by the doctors in the hospital.

Image from US Weekly

Everyone is reminded to keep an eye on their kids while shopping for groceries because little things like grapes can cause the lives of these little ones. Furthermore, the American Institute of Pediatrics said that children who are under four should never consume whole grapes, it should be divided in length.

Emma and her husband Mohammad are encouraging parents to learn from their mistakes and enroll in infant CPR classes.