Singapore Airlines Unveils the Best First Class Seats, Complete with Private Hotel-Like Rooms

Advances in technology have greatly improved traveling for us today. But there are just companies that do it better than the rest in providing the best services and facilities that we could ever hope for.

Take for example the amazing new first class seats you can enjoy on some flights aboard Singapore Airlines. The airline unveiled its all-new A380 airbuses which come complete with upgraded seats for all classes but you’ll surely love the seats on first class, if you choose the suites.

These private hotel-like rooms come with comfortable single-sized beds with luxurious sheets and fluffy pillows. If you’re traveling with someone, you can buy adjacent rooms whose divider can be lowered to convert the single beds into a much larger double bed.

The airline markets these rooms as ‘best for honeymooners’ but you can easily enjoy the privacy of the rooms along with your family member or friend.

Photo credit: Australian Business Traveller

Each of these rooms comes with 32-inch flat-screen TVs that can swivel for best viewing angles. There are also recliner seats, tables, a wardrobe, and even toiletries like what you get in a hotel. This really is a mini hotel in the skies!

The new A380 airbuses debuted on the Singapore-Sydney route but would soon be available this month on the Singapore-London route as well as the Singapore-Hong Kong route.

Photo credit: Australian Business Traveller

It would surely be great to stretch out your legs and enjoy the comforts of these sophisticated suites on long-haul flights. A 14-hour flight wouldn’t feel so tiresome. Of course, it is expected that you would have to shell out much more than the travelers seated on economy but to those who can afford the upgraded seats, paying extra for these comforts is well worth the money…

Check out this video of a tour by a flight crew and be amazed: