Singapore Prime Minister’s Wife Earns Praise for Using $11 Bag to White House Function… It was Designed by a Student with Autism!

Mrs. Lee Hsien Loong may be the wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister – and she was about to attend a function at no less than the White House with US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama – yet she was confident enough to use a denim dinosaur-motif pouch to the arrival honors despite knowing that the event will surely be covered by the media.

As such, not only did Mrs. Lee show to the world that she was confident and doesn’t need an expensive purse to emphasize her status, she also brought the students with autism at Pathlight School for Autistic Children to the limelight.

Photo credit: Channel News Asia
Photo credit: Channel News Asia

The reason for this is that the dinosaur-inspired pouch Mrs. Lee used to the Arrival Honors at the White House was actually made by 19-year-old student Seetoh Sheng Jie, a Pathlight student who sells his work through The Art Faculty store owned and managed by the school.

It is through this facility that these students with autism are given the chance to sell their craft. Aside from developing their skills, the students can also earn money from the items bought from the store.

The bag only costs SG$14.80 ($11)!

Photo credit: Twitter/TODAY
Photo credit: Twitter/TODAY

According to Straits Times Singapore, Mrs. Lee had just gotten the purse a concert and funfair called “A Very Special Walk” aimed to raise funds for autism support services but the sellers were quite shocked to see her using it at the White House function!

After the dinosaur purse had gone viral, stocks were quickly sold out from The Art Faculty store; although they are now accepting pre-orders – and it seems that the demand is so high that they are going to be very busy for weeks!

Thanks to Mrs. Lee, not only are the students with autism at Pathlight get the acknowledgment they deserve, she also showed to millions of women in the world that one doesn’t really have to use expensive stuff to earn the admiration of others…

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