Single Mom was Left Broke after Divorce, Builds a Tiny Home Worth $13,000

Charlotte Sapwell is a 27-year-old single mom from Victoria, Australia who was left broke after splitting from her partner. She was left with two boys, ages 3 years old and 6 years old.

They have nowhere to go to after the breakup but she was scared that she might not be able to pay a house loan. So, she decided to build a cozy three-meter-by-six-meter house in her grandfather’s backyard using the materials from the local hardware store.


They bought their wood and materials from Bunnings Warehouse following a strict budget of under $13,000. Charlotte told The Sun that she built 99% of the house all by herself with a little help from her grandfather.


Five months later, Charlotte is now considered a homeowner.

“I went from living in a massive home with my husband and kids to a tiny rented unit to this small space, and out of all the places I’ve lived, this is my favourite. It is all mine. The kids are right there all the time and we are so close. Yes, it means we have virtually zero privacy from each other, but I love it,” Charlotte told Mail Online.


Her house has a combined lounge room and kitchen with dining room and as well as the main bedroom where she sleeps and another bedroom for her two little ones. Her constriction, insulation and furnishings were from IKEA and Kmart.

She is now in the process of building another tiny home for her grandmother and hoping one day she can start her own company that builds and sells tiny properties.