Single Woman Takes Special Photos with 87-Year-Old Grandpa So He Could Attend Her ‘Wedding’

While weddings are meant to seal the union of two people, this is also a special occasion wherein many wish to have their parents and grandparents in, to witness the beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Sadly, while many wish for this to happen, things don’t always go as planned.

Photo credit: Chengdu Economic Daily Photo / CGTN

Take for example 25-year-old Fu Xuewei, a single woman from China. Her parents divorced when she was still very young; she was raised by her grandfather, Fu Qiquan. It was understandable that the two were quite close and that Xuewei would wish her grandfather would be there on her wedding day.

Photo credit: Chengdu Economic Daily Photo / CGTN

Sadly, the 87-year-old man got very sick recently; prompting Xuewei to think about her wedding day even though she has no plans on getting married soon.

I don’t have any plan to get married yet. But I want my future partner and my child to remember my grandfather, the most important person in my life,” Xuewei explained.

So, when her grandfather was discharged from the hospital and was feeling much better, Xuewei decided to have a ‘wedding’ photoshoot with him.

Photo credit: Chengdu Economic Daily Photo / CGTN

Wearing a smart 3-piece suit, Grandpa Qiquan walked Xuewei down the aisle. It was make-believe at this point because there was no groom waiting but it was enough for Xuewei. She felt happy that her grandfather was able to ‘attend’ her ‘wedding’ and be there for the photo session.

Many netizens were moved by Xuewei’s photoshoot, saying they wished they had also done the same thing with their grandparents who passed away without witnessing their special day.

Photo credit: Chengdu Economic Daily Photo / CGTN

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