Sinkholes: The Earth Opens Up and Swallows Everything Around…But the Last One is Beautiful!

Sinkholes claim lives and properties across the world, especially because these often appear without any form of warning so that it could be quite difficult for those within its boundaries to escape the sudden shift in the ground.

There are some who have been lucky enough to be on sinkholes that were just a few feet deep but plenty were doomed to lay buried hundreds of feet below the ground. Yes, there were sinkholes that were so deep that their entire depth could not be explored at all – and the people or property these swallowed remain stuck in the dark caverns.

The following are just some of the most astonishing sinkholes from all over the world. It is terrifying to think that these could appear anytime, anywhere. Let’s cross our fingers that no more sinkholes should open up in places where there are people about.

Photo credit: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes
Photo credit: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

On Aug. 6, 2013, a backhoe tumbled into a shallow sinkhole in Montreal. Thankfully, its driver escaped unscathed.