Smallest Mobile Phone in the World is Smaller Than the Average Human Thumb, Lighter Than a Metal Coin

We are in this era wherein our smartphones and gadgets are more popular than ever — it seems like “the bigger the gadget, the better”. However, a mobile phone manufacturer is creating a phone as tiny as possible. They already made a phone that is smaller than the average human thumb and lighter than a metal coin.

Image: Oddity Central

This idea of making tiny t1 started out when the guys at a marketing company working with Zanco- Clubbit were shown a prototype of the manufacturer’s Zanco Fly microphone. They asked if a smaller mobile phone would be possible; so, Shazad Talib, Zanco’s founder said that they would make one half the size.

Image: Oddity Central

They named it Zanco tiny t1 and it’s being advertised as the world’s smallest mobile phone.

This small gadget has all the necessary features of a functional phone: it has an alphanumerical keyboard, a tiny display, and a 200mAh battery that claims to keep the phone running up to 3 days in standby mode and has a guaranteed 180 minutes of talk time. Furthermore, it also can make and send text messages.

It uses a nano-SIM card and only operates on 2G.

Image: Oddity Central

To find out if people would be interested to buy the tiny mobile phone, Zanco and Clubbit set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with $33,444. Surprisingly, after 22 days, the tiny t1 campaign had already passed their goal raising over $207,096 at the time of this writing.

Kickstarter backers should be able to receive their smallest mobile phones in May 2018.

Would you be interested in purchasing the world’s smallest phone?