WATCH: Smart Dog Goes Viral for Unbelievable Brilliance in Following Master’s Commands

Everyone knows that dogs are smart creatures. Train them properly and you’ll love the results! A lot have been trained to do fun tricks while others are trained to do ‘work’ stuff such as sniffing for bombs, drugs, etc. Even untrained dogs exhibit brilliance.

But one dog has recently gone viral for the way he handled his master’s commands – and it seems that he does not just follow commands on cue or memorized the sequence of instructions because he appears to understand them.

Screenshot from video by NTD TV

Take for example, when his master told him he could have the ball at 3, he nearly goes for it after his master said “2” but when the guy said 2 and a half as well as a bunch of other numbers, he pauses and eagerly waits for “3” to be called out!

It is amazing how this dog could follow all these commands so well, even when it really wants to get that ball. Clearly, this master has trained him so well and has rewarded him so handsomely because while he followed all the commands, he appears to be still enjoying it and not afraid he would be punished.

Check out this video and make sure to turn on your audio so you can marvel at this brilliant dog:

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