‘Smelly Socks’ Get a Bus Passenger Arrested

Twenty-seven-year-old Prakash Kumar from India was traveling from Dharamshala to Delhi on a bus when he got into a fight with fellow passengers.

Apparently, Prakash took off his socks and shoes while still on the bus. However, his socks were emanating a stinky smell, and the other passengers could not bear the putrid odor. They advised him to either put the socks in his bag or throw it out. The man did not heed this advice, resulting in a heated argument between him and his fellow passengers.

Image from Pixabay

In an attempt to calm the exchange between the passengers, the bus driver and the conductor intervened thrice, asking Prakash to do something with the socks, but to no avail. The rest of the passengers, then, asked the driver to pull over at Bharwain Police Station and lodged a complaint against Prakash.

Prakash, who also caused a rumble inside the police station, was charged with creating a public nuisance. On the other hand, he also filed a counter-complaint against his fellow passengers, saying that his socks did not smell bad, at all, and that they were only quarreling with him for no particular reason.

He was later released on bail.

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