Snake Makes Dramatic Entrance at Internet Café, Guy Who Opened Door Gives His Friend a Flying Kick

While we all know that snakes won’t strike at people unless they are cornered and fear for their lives, a lot of people are afraid of these reptiles, anyway. Of course, it is alright to fear snakes because that would help ensure your survival but there are just times when things get a little bit funny, even with snakes involved.

Take for example this video taken last April 8, Saturday at an internet café somewhere in Thailand.

In the now viral clip shared on Facebook, CCTV footage taken inside the café showed a group of patrons just peacefully using the computers of the internet shop.

Screenshot from video by Viral Hog / UNILAD – Facebook

Mayhem ensued after one guy went out of the shop, only to be met by a slithering snake which quickly chased him back inside! Oooops. Close inspection of the video revealed that the reptile had latched itself on the man’s butt, causing him to go berserk.

He was so scared of the snake and wanted to get rid of the creature that he unwittingly gave his friend a flying kick! Double oooooops! The poor guy slammed into some computer chairs while the snake’s victim eventually managed to escape the creature.

While we’re quite impressed by this guy’s execution of the flying kick, it does not change the fact that his friend got hit and sent towards the computer chairs. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the incident – and the snake was also unharmed.

But they might have to add a signboard outside, telling snakes to keep out! LOL.

Watch the hilarious clip here: