Snapshot of Stunning Angel Cloud Brings Message of Hope to Many Netizens

Do you believe that there are angels, heavenly beings that are there to protect us or bring some message from God?

A lot of us believe in angels but though we’ve seen some in movies, we’ve never really seen these heavenly beings in real life. But many of us hope we could.

Some days ago, Danny Ferraro shared a photo of what appears to be an angel cloud while he was driving along Highway 105 in Houston, Texas. Believing it was a message of hope, despite the ‘angel’ only appearing in the cloud, Ferraro snapped a photo and shared this on Facebook where it went viral.


This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105. How awesome is that!

Photo credit: Danny Ferraro / Facebook

The beautiful angel was even made more dramatic by the rays of the sun extending from its back. This made the photo hold more meaning to Ferraro and many others who believe that this was a message from the heavens.

Ferraro explained that he took the picture because he thought it held a message of hope and sign of faith. But though he had only meant to pass the message on to his friends, the picture soon went viral because a lot of netizens also found hope in the angel cloud.

Photo credit: Danny Ferraro / Facebook

Of course, there were skeptics who laughed at Ferraro and told him that this was just a cloud; nothing more, nothing less. Yet for Ferraro, these skeptics can laugh but the angel cloud brought him hope and happiness. It gave him peace. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, right?

Photo credit: Danny Ferraro / Facebook

While other netizens also shared similar photos of ‘angels’ in the clouds, many also posted pictures of clouds that looked like other things, including one that looked like Godzilla. LOL.

Sources: Danny Ferraro / Facebook, Wink News