So inspiring! This teacher has a heartwarming reaction to her student’s college acceptance

  • A student shared a heartwarming moment between him and his teacher when he shared the news of being accepted to his dream college
  • Gloria Green started screaming and hugging Max Pacheco, 17, when he told her the news
  • Green said she felt as if her own son was going to college

Social media users were touched by a video shared by a student showing the moment he told his teacher he got accepted to his dream college.

Image via Twitter | Max Pacheco

Good Morning America shared that Max Pacheco, 17, has always wanted to go to Georgia Institute of Technology and study mechanical engineering. Pacheco asked his favorite teacher at South Forsyth High School, Dr. Gloria Green, to write a recommendation letter for him. So when he received the news that he got in, he found it fitting to share the good news with her.

He captured the moment in a video which he posted on Twitter.

He said, “So this past Saturday I was blessed to have been admitted into @GeorgiaTech. Today in school I surprised Dr. Green, one of the best teachers I’ve had and the teacher who wrote my recommendation, with the news. This was her reaction.”

Image via Twitter | Max Pacheco

Dr. Green had what any mother’s reaction would be if her son got accepted to his dream college. She started screaming and hugging Pacheco out of pride and excitement.

“When I told her I got into [Georgia Tech], she just went nuts. She started hugging me, she started dancing, and it really made me tear up because you can really see and feel how much she cared about me. She knew that it was my dream to go to Tech and how hard I worked for it,” Pacheco told Good Morning America.

Dr. Green, who has been teaching for more than two decades, admitted that she felt as if her own child was going to college.

“Teachers are told to invest in the children and to always think of them with intention,” she said.

Pacheco’s tweet reached even Steven Norris, Georgia Tech’s assistant director of social media, who said he was touched when he saw the video.

“When I was in high school, I don’t know if I would have had the maturity to think I need to go back and thank those teachers who helped me get to this moment. This young man, Max, has a maturity beyond his years to remember to have gratitude to the folks who went above and beyond for you,” Norris said.

And we totally agree with Norris!

Sources: Twitter, Good Morning America