Social Media User Shares Notable Encounter with Taxi Driver in Davao City… The Guy’s Truly Admirable!

A lot of people who have gone to Davao City in southern Philippines have expressed their admiration over the city’s taxi drivers (among other notable, praise-worthy things about the city)… and social media user Akella Shee had just personally experienced proof of this when she visited the city.

Shee was so impressed with the taxi driver that she shared the encounter on social media where it, understandably, went viral.

Photo credit: Facebook/Akella Shee
Photo credit: Facebook/Akella Shee

According to Shee, the driver did not have change for her Php500 bill ($10.50). But because Shee did not have a smaller bill, the driver suggested that she first buy food at McDonald’s since she had earlier mentioned that she’s going to find something to eat.

Following the driver’s suggestion, Shee went to McDonald’s but because there were a lot of people, she it took her a long time to get back outside to give the driver the Php75 ($1.60) she owes him.

Photo credit: Facebook/Akella Shee
Photo credit: Facebook/Akella Shee

She had already expected that the meter would be running and she would need to pay more that Php75 but when she was finally able to get back to the driver, she was surprised when the meter still shows Php75.

When she tried giving the driver Php100 ($2.10) because she had kept him waiting, anyway, the guy refused and insisted that she get the change, telling her that not everyone needs to be rewarded for doing their jobs. Then, he calmly advised her to get back to the restaurant to eat her food!

Filled with admiration over this encounter, Shee shared the story on Facebook.

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