Soldier Who Lost His Arm and Leg in War, Wins in Bodybuilding Competition

A lot of soldiers who lost their limbs end up also losing their self-confidence and suffering from psychological or mental condition such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Without therapy and much-needed support from their families, their lives could take a dangerous turn for the worse.

Jared Bullock was among these soldiers. Back in 2013, while serving as an elite Green Beret in Afghanistan, a roadside bomb exploded. While he survived the explosion, he lost both his right leg and right arm.

Bullock admits that it was a struggle to come to terms with losing his limbs but he was able to overcome the challenges by setting goals for himself. First, it was to attend his son’s birthday; then, he aimed to attend a marathon.

After achieving those goals, he would soon set another goal: attend a bodybuilding competition. Considering that he only had one arm and one artificial leg, the challenge was difficult but he was able to achieve it!

At the competition, people were staring at him after it was revealed that he was a contestant. But when he took off his shirt, the other people realized he was serious.

Amazingly, this veteran won third in his class and fifth out of twelve in ‘Novice’ class.

Congratulations, Sir Jared Bullock on aiming high and reaching your goals!

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