Someone Invented this Amazing Head Hammock So You Won’t Experience Sleepless Travel on Planes!

Do you suffer from getting no sleep while traveling? If you’ve ever sat on a 12-hour  or so flight, in darkness, willing yourself to sleep and thinking there must be a better way, or if you’ve ever been stuck in a middle or aisle seat trying to get some nap but have been constantly jolted awake by your chin hitting your chest this is for you, you better continue reading ’cause this one’s for you.

Finally! Someone has invented a solution to help you sleep on a plane. Because sometimes, those neck pillows are not enough to get you some sleep while travelling, and while they add some comfort on your travel, they can leave your neck rather sore and don’t  entirely keep your head in place.

After many sleepless plane rides, Paula Blankenship decided it was enough so she created the NodPod – a head hammock that recreates the way you sleep, with your head at a 90-degree angle but in an upright position. Introducing the NodPod, the amazing head hammock that one can use to finally get some sleep on a plane!

How to use it? Easy. You simply hook the NodPod over their headrests, using its adjustable cords (the cords are even designed in a way that you wouldn’t block  or cover the TV of the passenger behind you!), and then you place your chins into a padded support, which then hangs from the headrest like a miniature hammock. Amazing isn’t it? 

It recreates how you sleep in bed, you can always bring it with you when you go travelling, so you can nap on the go. And there’s no risk of being jolted awake, or inadvertently head-butting your neighbor. So, whether you’re traveling by plane, by bus, by train or car – say goodbye to those sleepless trips and awkwardly waking up on your fellow passenger! 

Look at the video below and see how it works:

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