Someone Just Invented Clear Coffee… It Sounds Interesting But Would You Try It?

A lot of people can’t start their day without their morning coffee fix – and these people would tell you that their brains wouldn’t start functioning unless they’ve had a drink of coffee. Of course, that isn’t technically true because our brains work non-stop but you get the idea.

While there’s really nothing wrong with drinking coffee on a daily basis unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from doing so, there’s a huge downside to regular coffee drinking: stains on your teeth!

Yes, coffee is a dark liquid that makes your teeth yellow, even brownish, with time. But while coffee lovers wish that wasn’t the case, they can’t do anything about it, except use whitening toothpaste or get teeth bleach from the dentist.

But things are about to change. Someone just invented clear coffee!

Photo credit: CLR CFF

Slovakian brothers David and Adam Nagy are avid coffee drinkers but soon got tired of worrying about the drink staining their teeth; thus, they looked for ways to enjoy coffee sans the staining effect – and, voila! CLR CFF or “clear coffee” was born!

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